Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I was eating lunch this morning beside Devil and Nat. They've been getting along which is kind of horrifying...

When suddenly in comes a familiar face... or uh... mask I guess. I'd seen him in pictures. Heard him talked about in angry hushed tones. Sitting across from me at the table looking smug and glaring daggers was the one and only, the dawn light, Morningstar. I'd heard rumors that he was back again... but why the fuck was he here... and why the fuck was he just eating at our table.

'Could Sloth or Fracture have invited him in?' I asked myself.

I looked over at Nat. I know her old squad and his old squad had some history. But she hadn't even looked up. She was staring down at a magazine on the table half eating. I looked back at Star just in time to catch him pulling off his mask... and suddenly it wasn't a grown adult anymore...

Suddenly Star was a child. And as his face came into view, I realized Star is Jack.

"God damn is it hard to eat with that thing on!" he laughed before scarfing down an entire grill cheese sandwich in 3 bites. Little animals. "But hey, I probably shouldn't be eating with it on right? I mean bigger body can probably hold more food. Then if I took the mask off on a full stomach, my stomach would rip! God damn would that suck... holy shit. Hold on. Idea," he said his eyes lighting up. "We get a baby... we tie up the baby... we put the mask on the baby! Shredded baby! Holy shit magic is fun. I wonder if they'll let me perform at birthday parties!" he cackled hugging his mask.

"Its a shame people only really get to know me as star though. I guess thats the entire point though. Deflect blame and invoke the authority of the legend... I mean perks are perks but they'll never know it was me. Never scream when they see my face... I guess that's just the price you pay when you live a lie," Jack said looking at me with a wide cheshire grin as if to imply I myself was somehow living a lie.

Before I could bash his 'Magic Mask' against his smug fucking face an angry looking ginger little girl in a lab coat came over and yanked Jack out of his chair by his ear. Jack yelled and hollowed in pain.

"What the fuck are doing?" she demanded.

"E-Eating?!" he said as if he was asking a question.

"And just where is Maggot's head?" she demanded to know.

"Pr-Probably on it's fucking shoulders, I couldn't find them!" yelled Jack at her.

The little girl threw Jack against the wall and then grabbed his mask off the table and pelted him with it. "Get back to work! And don't you come back without that head or I'm taking yours," she hissed. Jack grumbled idle insults and donned his mask, turning back into a full grown Morningstar, before he disappeared into a path door.

"Sorry about that. He gets a little carried away pretending to be someone hes not. But hey, hes good at it. So whats the harm right? Makes him happy," said the little girl as she left. "And it gets the job done."

And then she to was gone... I looked at Devil and Nat again. They had not reacted to any of this.

'Did you guys just see Morningstar and a little ginger girl pass through?' I asked on a piece of paper.

The gave each other a concerned look and then turned to me again. Devil reached out toward my head, "Did you?" she asked sounding worried. I pushed back on my chair to move out of her reach.

"Are you seeing things again?" asked Nat.

I didn't answer... I just ran off. Hid in my room... I was afraid to say I was probably seeing things again....


Weird shit aside... I'd like to take a moment to invite anyone who can get into the Free Market's compound in the next day or two to come participate in my shattering rite. Like I mentioned last post, I'm taking my mask off for good in preparation for sacrificing myself at the upcoming Fire ritual... whenever that happens. No word from Fracture yet on when that's gonna hit.

But again, Shatter Rite. Vallus said shes gonna be here for it, Ivan said he'd drop in, and I'm sure Maggot will be there if only to growl, glare, and taunt me. So if you care... feel free to drop in I guess. There will be cake.

Moth out.

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