Saturday, February 14, 2015


Fire rained overhead... That wicked howl. I could hear them coming for me, charging at full speed down the halls in frantic search for the direction I was running in.

The halls felt like a maze. Honestly, they had become a maze. That happens when one floor collapses into the floor below, apparently. Wall ripped open, walk ways blocked, debris littering everything and making the halls a hard to navigate obstacle course. Everything so conveniently still intact and traversable. I myself, having conveniently survived the transition of two floors becoming one, something I've actually seen claim a life in my time... gruesome way to go... and probably a next to impossible thing to survive. I don't even entirely remember what I'm running from or why... I heard the howl and instinct kicked in.

This isn't real... fuck. Tired of all these fucking hallucinations.

I stopped to catch by breath. That's when the beast slammed into the wall behind me, going too fast to stop itself apparently.

Big teeth, long claws, wide eyes, and a misshapen skull and body... a Rakeling? No. It was too big to be a feral... wasn't it?

I didn't get long to question it before it charged full speed at me. I barely dove out of the way. It was spinning around for another pass at me and came to a stop with it's back turned to a new figure as it was coming out a door. This new figure pulled a gun and put the rakeling down with one bullet to the back of the head.

I ran over to the figure. "Oh thank god!"

I was stopped as the figure threw a hand out and grabbed me by the throat, pressing me to the wall.

"Just what the fuck are you doing here?" demanded the rough figure. I recognized them now. It was the blonde girl again. She didn't look small anymore. She was all grown up with an eye patch over one eye, still in a lab coat though. She looked furious. "You're not supposed to be here!" she screamed at me and threw me down the hall. I watched as four more rakelings appeared down the other end of the hall. She huffed and turned her back to me, pulling a shot gun from off her back as she cocked and fired it at the group to wound them as they charged for him.

"Get back to work!" she yelled. I wanted to stop and help... but I took the hint. I turned and ran. I looked over my shoulder before turning the corner to see how she was holding up. She was still cocking and firing the gun in a frenzy before the gun stopped firing. Out of ammo... With a huff, she let the gun drop to the floor.

"I'm sorry," she said, taking a moment to pull off and throw her eye patch aside before the rakelings dog piled on her... I couldn't stand to watch any further than that. So I closed my eyes and started running forward again... that's when I hit my door.

I looked around to find I was in my room again... I could hear creaking in the hall. A lot of it coming from both sides. "Shhhh...." said someone further down. I checked my phone, it was late. Very late. Someone was trying to sneak up on me in bed... I think. The creaking certainly seemed to be getting louder from both sides of the hall.

After the ass kicking that wimp Sloth gave me, I was rearing for a good fight were I wouldn't get sucker punched... but that fucking vision... beasts rushing me to come dog pile me.

Maybe it was paranoia but I got the sense I couldn't win this fight and if I stopped to meet the threat head on I'd get over powered... so I set up a claymore mine real quick and tied the string to door so it'll go off when they pull it open. I keep one in my room. I meant to use it against Fracture but Picasso had her little break down when we weren't in the loop so I never got a chance... The collateral on those things can be nasty. Probably was for the best I had it now, to use in a loop where no one would actually get hurt. Where Sloth, Nat, and Devil can come investigate and see what all I caught in this trap.

Because this just happened like 20 minutes ago. If you assholes act fast, you can catch whoever is in my room right now. For extra measure, I'm gonna start calling when I'm done putting this up. I'm long gone though. The Free Market loop is not safe and my life is too precious to waste on this petty little fight between Jen and Sloth. If I die now, I'll never get to be the sacrifice.

Have to pull through. Everything depends on this

I don't know where I'm going, but it can't be any worse then where I was.

I've been told to get back to work in a few visions now. I thought they meant stop hallucinating... starting to think that might have been more literal. I need to figure out what I'm actually supposed to be doing and go fucking do it... before I completely lose my grasp on whats real. Each vision has been longer and more vivid. I'm afraid before too long I might accidentally hurt myself or someone else... this is probably for the best for more than one reason.

Moth out.