Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's Seeds

So I'm alive... been seeing... crazy shit.

Just about none stop really. I saw Fracture get gunned down yesterday as he shouted "Get back to work".

Watched Nat slit her own throat and gag on her own blood as she gurgled up the words I have to assume were, "Get back to work". I couldn't tell really but pattern recognition is a thing.

I walked in on Picasso having an orgy with Navi, Vallus, Ralph, Sam, Sloth, Jen, John, Fracture, Ivan, Duckie, and about five other people I didn't recognize and when I tried to join in they all shouted 'Get back to work' at me at once. Curiously Nat was there too. Apparently the same Nat that had slit her throat... it was still slit. Have to wonder in what way those two visions are related to each other. You think other visions might be related? Could have been a coincidence I guess. Probably should have memorized what outfit she was wearing...


Also had a vision where I met me. I didn't really have to say anything to me. He... I, nodded at me and I knew what he wanted to say.

Or... No I would have known if that was a mirror.... right?

Did happen in the bathroom...

I... wish I could sleep more.

It just hasn't been coming to me. I think maybe living in the loop was masking that... I shouldn't have left... I don't think. Not before I figured out what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing.

Its been so much harder to think.

That last fucking vision. He stabbed me. Ivan fucking stabbed me. He jumped out of the closet in a fucking frenzy! Slashing and screaming.

I told him to stop. Demanded it... begged... Kind of. The fucker just grinned and started singing.

"For the fire, prove your might. Stand up and fight for all your life. Passion drive us, hope will find us, fate will bind us, but I fire will fry us~!"

He dug that knife of his deep into my shoulder and started twisting the fucking knife. I shoved him off and when he came back at me in full force I shoved my wrist through his nose and the front of his fucking face.

He gasped... started bleeding profusely from his face as he fell on back onto the floor.

I waited... I waited so long. I knew it wasn't real...
I mean... how could it be? Ivan was my friend. I mean, I know he was a Fire Cultists and in a lot of ways they are the enemy right now. But Ivan knew me... knew me personally. Trained me... he wouldn't... right?

I tried to move over to him and I almost collapsed from the exhaustion. I put a hand where the knife was.

...It was still real too. The wound and the blood loss. I... I'm dying? We. We're dying?! That fucker. How could he do this to me?!

I fumbled a bit in my pockets to get my phone out. Even more to dial in Fracture's number

"What the fuck do you want? I'm busy."

"I.... I'm bleeding out."

... And he hung up. About five minutes later he was there.

He didn't say anything at first. Just dug pulled the knife out... stopped the bleeding. Stitched me up. Whipped the blood from my face.

After giving me a reassuring look... we turned our attention to Ivan.

"What happened?" asked Fracture. "... Was it Ivan?"

He turned back to me... I looked away and nodded. "H-He wouldn't stop. I didn't think he was real. I-I'm s-"

I didn't get to finish that thought before he shushed me. "Its okay... Do you hear me Moth? Its okay. He was attacking you... you did what you had to do," and then he hopped over to check on Ivan to see if he was actually dead or not... had a pretty good sense that he was.

"Wh-What do we do now?" I asked.

Fracture looked up at me and gave me a huge unnatural grin, the corners of his lips reaching up to his fucking ears and revealing his teeth.... his warped yellowed and twisted fucking teeth.

"Isn't that obvious, Cornelius?" he asked as his eyes bulged and his turned black.

"Its time to get back to work!" He declared.

I blinked... and suddenly both Ivan and.... /Fracture/ were gone. As was all the mess and all the blood. Everything was normal again... only it was still dark outside.

I made the mistake of reaching for my phone to fast and found I still had stitches and a fresh wound. Even now that's still not gone away. Seems my calling Fracture never happened though, at least according to my phone.

Not 100% sure what actually cut... or what actually stitch me up. I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.

Moth out.