Monday, April 6, 2015

While I Was Sleeping

I had a weird hallucination the other day.

I wasn't gonna bother mentioning it. I don't mention the weirder ones... I guess because they make me feel extra crazy. I don't think these things I see are constructs of my mind or imagination. I don't know what they are but it always feels like there's a lot going on and I'm missing a large piece of the puzzle. When I do try to interact I always seem to get shunned. Told to 'get back to work'. Its frustrating. I wish I knew what I was supposed to do...

Anyways, this particular delusion seems to almost relate to this so I decided I'd throw it up. Why the fuck not right? I'm assuming that post refers to one of Sloth's weird ass dreams. He wasn't kind enough to say so at the beginning of the post like he usually does. Its weird. We both use to get weird vivid dreams. I wonder if Sloth was a candidate for sacrifice at one point?

I envy him now... that feels weird to say because hes kind of a terrible shithead. But this experience has not been what I was expecting... I don't quite know what I was expecting anymore.

Just... not this. This is just kind of weird.

Anyways, before I get into this since I've already mentioned them, I'd like to quickly congratulate Nat and Sloth and the others for putting Jen down. The lord Fire was quite the jaded. I don't think I'll miss her. The Free Market certainly wouldn't have been any better off in her hands than in Sloths. They're both unfit as far as I'm concerned. But again, congratulations.

And now, my weird hallucination.

 I was in a cafe. I thought it'd be a nice quiet little place to... just relax. I spend a lot of time in libraries these days trying to find a useful book or something. I'm hoping such a book might help me figure out what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing. I'd try the web but a lot of the information on supernatural shit you find there is really iffy. Not that books are exactly guaranteed to be accurate. But at least publishing a book that happens to also be a crock of shit requires effort. Literally anyone can do that online and for no cost and almost no effort.

Besides... I'm hoping one of these days I might tumble down the into the Old Man's library. 'Zeus' as Fracture likes to call him. God, when hes being facetious. Did you know Fracture has a theory that most of the fears draw root in mythology? He lost me at black dog being Fenrir. That feels very forced. I don't think there's anything to really support that. But now I'm rambling. I'm hoping to find the Catacombs and get access to the Blind Man's books. Those might have actual answers to help me find what I'm looking for.

... Super long tangent in hindsight. The relevant take away here is I've been been spending a lot of time in libraries so a cafe was a nice place to get away from that. A pleasant change in scenery... a place that just didn't feel like work... library feel like work... really no reason to go to them if I'm not searching. Feel like I'm wasting time.

Anyways, I was relaxing at a cafe when it started. I looked up from my little doodle to find I wasn't alone at the table anymore. Across from me sat three little girls. One with a wicked grin and bright red crimson hair and a bright green eye with tiny little white wings at her back dressed in all red.

In the middle was a blonde girl with short messy hair and a pale sky blue eye dressed in all white with broken full sized angel wings at her back. And by broken, I mean it looked like someone took an baseball bat to them. She looks very sad and was picking at a bowl of ice cream

And on the other side her, sat a black girl. She was in a full black cloak so I couldn't see her hair as well as the others but it seemed to be black in color. What little was showing was in dreadlocks. Her eye color was brown and her wings were featherless and fleshless. It was just the skeletal structure. She had a disinterest and stoic look about her.

Its worth noting that they each only had one eye.

"You know its your own fault."

"I don't see how it could possibly be my fault!"

"We keep telling you exactly how its going to end for you each time you try this shit but you never listen. You should just play your roll but nooooo. Miss pissy pants needs her revenge."

"But why should it end poorly for me? Huh? Hes the one in the wrong. He had me killed. Its only fair that I should return the favor! Is there to be no justice?"

"That's not justice and you know. You hadn't even been born at the time. He's well into his life each time you come at him."

"That's when I come at him because that's the point in his life when it matters."

"It pains me that you're supposed to be in charge of balance..."

"Oh shut it. I decide balance and I decide this is fair."

"That is why you keep failing."

"That is why you 'go fuck yourself'."

"My, that's really something I would have expected from... well me."

"My point exactly."

"Shut up. This isn't over yet. Use the eye again. I haven't died yet. I can still get him!"

"You won't like what we see. You already know that."

"We will surely predict your failure... again... and it'll be your own fault."

"Our sight isn't final... If I know whats gonna happen I can change it... It'll actually change in my favor this time. I can feel it."

"You pain me," she said, pulling out a small cataract covered eye from her pocket.

I heard someone behind me. "Psst. You should grab that."

"I want to look this time. You did it last time."

"... Fine."

When the black angel when to throw the eye to the red angel I reached up and grabbed it mid-flight.

"Who the fuck is that?"

"Hes kind of cute."

"Of course you think that. But who is he? How long has he been there?"

"No idea. Hey cutey, you come here often?"

"That's not what I meant. Hey dip shit, hey long have you been listening in?"

"Oh hey, yeah. How can you see us?"

"I think hes one of mine... the traveler must have let him in."

"This is not what I need right now."

"What you need is a slap... but agreed. Child, give me the eye," she said with a glare, standing up and growing many feet taller. Her face melting away to just bone and her hand raising to reveal and impressive scythe.

"Don't," whispered the voice behind me.


At that, Death immediately shrank down to child size, face and all.

"Shit, he called your bluff."

"They never do that..."

The red one stood and leaned over to look behind me. "I think the traveler is behind him whispering answers."

"That cock sucker."

"You know that's really not an insult."

"... Its degrading."

"Its fun."

"We're not having that argument again."

"You're both a bunch of prudes."

"You're just a slut."

"At least she is acting appropriately for her station."

"I thought you said we weren't having this argument."


"Listen dip shit-"

"She said re-adopting the real insult."

"-... Bitch. Listen dip shit, we need that eye back. What the fuck do you want. We help you, you give us the eye back, or I get to eat your brain, the happy one gets to eat your heart, and the boney bitch gets to feed on your liver. Understand?"

At this point, the person behind me reached over and nodded my head for me.

"Hey traveler."

"Hey girls."

"Fuck you."



"Yeah. What the fuck do you want?"

"... To know what I need to do."

"Okay... how vague. Whatever. You're stuck with that question now."

And with that, all three of them stood up aging slowly until all of their hair turned gray and their eyes cataracted over like the eye I was holding up in front of them. Their skin turned sickly pale and receded giving all of them a bony look.... like old hags I guess. They looked like ancient old ladies.

"Let go of this image you hold for your predecessors. These attachments weigh you down and slow your journey. Your mentor may have put you this path, but if you can not find cause enough to finish it for yourself then I see you will fail and forfeit all other causes as death takes the reign of this world. Find me for their sake."

"Do not look to these visions for guidance. Ignore these sights and sounds. They aren't what they seem. Not wisdom or simple dreams. Can't you hear their screams? The endless screeching hoard scratching at the walls, desperate for this earth? Find the door! Seal the gate!"

"What you need is in the apple, guarded by the lake-," the two of them spoke at once.

But before they could finish talking the last hag threw her hands over their mouths and then tossed them both aside as the room slowly filled with a foggy, smoky blackness.

"Settle down. Relax. You needed make much haste. What point is there to short, simple lives if you never stop to make waste. Your death is fast enclosing in this silly quest you chase. You should go down quietly and love what little life you and the others have left. Continue to struggle and make mess, you'll only make an ugly corpse..."

"You done?"

"God I hope she is."

"I hate when she gets like this."

"Go on boy, give her back the eye."

I tossed the scary death hag the eye. To my dismay, she did not shrink back to a child.

"Any advice to give the poor thing, traveler?"

"Nothing as fancy as what you lot said."

"Spill it, I'm tired of his face."

I turned around to see the other two hags standing on either side of a pale man, in white robes, with long white hair, and deep blue eyes.


"Get back to work!"

And with that, I was back at my table again.

Just more weird gibberish.