Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hello Darkness

So... Hi. I uh...

So many dots. I need to stop that. I'm not Sloth.

... I was however taught to read and write by him.

Lets go lighter. Its me, Moth.

There's a lot to explain about what got me to where I am now so uh,... I won't. Lets just link a bunch of shit together. A good mask doesn't over explain. A good masked probably doesn't explain shit really.

So I'm a proxy. I worked under Fracture for a long time. I helped him, along side Picasso, torture Duckie until what was supposed to be his dying day. But Fracture won his little bet with Father and Duckie got to live.

Picasso would not accept that.

So we started our own blog intent on rallying support against Fracture.

Over the course of those events we got a lot of people killed in, what was in hindsight, a fruitless and ineffective effort. Secretly, we had been operating with Sloth's assistance and under Father's blessing. Father hated Duckie. So bet or no bet, he was gonna use us to circumvent the deal. Things really came to a head as a handful of notable figured joined us to help bring Fracture down.

Nat, Navi, Helrick (God rest his murdered soul), and that bitch Vallus.

But the longer things went on, the worse Picasso's mental state became. It's clear now that she was being mind fucked  by Father in a way... most aren't. By the time everything was said and done, she was as good as fucking possessed. A puppet with a tendril up her ass.

A puppet that killed Helrick for fear of losing him... so very possessive.

We had one last showdown with Fracture. A desperate last bid, on both sides, to see the feud put to rest.

As it turned out, it was Fracture luring us all home to put the pieces together for a new deal he had made with Father.

He shot Duckie in the back of the head... and in exchange for killing Duckie he now... well there's no nice way to put it. He basically owns Picasso and I. Where once we were proxies... now we are just proxies co-dependents doing proxy work because it's what we know, love, and understand.

And then he decided to retire. So now, dispite being Fracture's co-dependents, Picasso and I work for the Free Market's new owner, Sloth. And his right hand thug, Nat.

Or so I should be. Navi is Picasso's new partner, which is fucking weird because Navi can't see Picasso but Picasso can see Navi now. Not sure how that's gonna work out.

Vallus is fucking long gone. She refused to come back even with Fracture stepping down.

Jack, an obnoxious little shit that woke up a little while back from being a hollow, and I have been pulled from our normal positions in the Free Market to pursue Fracture's personal interests. Jack's job is to basically be a little minion and follow Fracture around. We'll get into my job later.

I have an aside I want to get into real quick since I'm the first one posting since Fracture's new deal went down and Sloth took over. Picasso is fine. Shes recovered. She eventually woke up and a little while after that she started getting out of bed and doing things. Shes worked herself into fighting shape and is looking to get back into proxy work.

She does not, however, remember the last four years. Everything that happened to her since she started acting bat shit crazy, since Father took over I guess, was washed from her mind when Father did whatever the fuck he did to her as part of Fracture's deal.

I... Its good to have her back. I've missed her, the real her.


Whatever, lets segue back to my new job.

So Fracture showed up pretending to have just gotten back from somewhere. Meanwhile I had spent all day training Jack... so I knew he was full of shit.

 I know for a fact that Jack's been Fracture's personal stooge since he stepped down but I still see jack at the compound almost everyday. So, he maybe hiding it, but I know if Jack's around Fracture is around.

So Fracture pulled me aside and lead me off into one of the unused rooms in the compound where Sloth was waiting for us.

"That figures," groaned Sloth.

"I bet it does. Hes the next candidate in line. We both knew that. He knew that. No one here should be surprised," said Fracture

"And this isn't you being vindictive? We don't have anyone else more suitable for this?"

"Nobody you didn't get killed."

"... Goody. I can clearly see we aren't being vindictive."

"You know the drill. Pull him off assignments and make sure hes accommodated and well looked after. I'll get the ritual started."

"Fine, whatever."

And with that Fracture left.

"You uh... in for this Kid?"

I nodded. I understood. This was something I had been anticipating. A possibility I had long been ready for. The highest honor both a Mask or Fire Cultist could receive.

I get to be this generations sacrifice.

Moth out.

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  1. I had not previously been aware of your faction's sacrifices. It's an interesting measure. You say it's an honor, but I'm curious. Is it something you actually want or something you feel you are obligated to do?